Why bear the anguish of restraining a story within yourself? There is an audience out there for everything you can ever imagine writing.
So, write.

Pre-Publishing Services

When you have worked for years on a manuscript that eventually becomes the product of your love and time, you want it to be treated well. It is precious to both you and us.

The primary concerns of every budding author revolve around finding excellent and reliable editing and proofreading services. After that, you muse over how to make people notice your book the minute they walk into a bookstore. To make them walk over to the book and pick it up, you need a very attractive cover that effectively portrays what your book is about. For the part of your audience that prefers visual teasers, showing what is in store for them through an intensely gripping trailer is also a great idea and serves as an effective marketing tactic. Additionally, many writers want their characters illustrated beautifully for the reader to envision them better.

At Etheric Tales & Edits, we cover each of these aspects for you and give your book the time, care, and attention it deserves.


We've got you covered.

“There is no greater threat to the critics and cynics and fearmongers than those of us who are willing to fall because we have learned how to rise.”

' Brené Brown '


  • "I highly recommend using Etheric's services! They did NOT disappoint! Their vision for book covers is on fleek, and it was such a joy to work with them on my covers for the trilogy I'm writing. Can't say I've found anyone better! Also, they really helped out with the blurbs for the paperbacks, since I was having trouble myself! Phenomenal job!"
  • "It was amazing working with them. I love the edits they did for me and my manuscript looks so much better now! It was also really helpful, not to mention that I learned a lot. I will definitely contact them again!"
  • "Etheric worked patiently on my project throughout, did not get frustrated and was more than willing to make the necessary changes until we got to a satisfactory final product. Excellent job!"
  • Etheric Tales and Edits did a fantastic job editing my project. They were extremely easy to work with, responded quickly to my emails, and I had the final draft in no time. I have absolutely no regrets engaging Etheric with the editing process.
  • "Aamna's team was expeditious, professional and patient with my cover design requirements. I am quite happy with the final product and would not hesitate using their services again. Highly recommended."
  • "I had a wonderful time working with Etheric tales and edits! This service was incredible start to finish with amazing time management and great suggestions and proofreading for my story. I highly suggest you consider Etheric tales and edits as you won’t be disappointed!"
  • "Etheric has been amazing to work with. I had the best experience with them. They listened to what my needs were and worked very diligently to get the job done. I am so very pleased with their services, and I now know who to turn to for help in future!"

Our Partners


Pandora’s Order

Pandora’s Order

Our partner, Pandora’s Order, is a Traditional Publisher based in the USA where our clients can get formatting, publishing, and marketing covered for free. The author then retains 80% of the royalties.


Book Seeds Publishing

Book Seeds Publishing

Our partner, Book Seeds Publishing, is an online publisher that offers to publish ETE's clients on their website. This assists in giving the client's work more exposure. Provided the client's own publishing agency is fine with it, they can be published on Book Seeds Publishing along with their own publisher if they wish.